In 1965, an idea was born to have a Bible Camp in the area. In 1968, a 212 acre farm on Sand Hill Lake was purchased. The next year, Hill River Tabernacle was donated to the camp and was moved to the property thanks to men from Fosston. A basement was built underneath it courtesy of the Breckenridge crew (this building remains the little chapel and kitchen). Sand Hill Lake Bible Camp was formed.

The first youth camp was held in 1969. By 1971, 269 people were registered for family camp and the chapel was outgrown. Until a larger chapel could be built, a tent was rented and was placed on the ball field to hold meetings. By 1976, there were 5 dorm buildings, and a large chapel built lakeside.

Through the years came a large addition to the old chapel (now the Chalet) and many more improvements made to the property. Other original buildings remaining at the camp include the old farmhouse (guest house) and the granary (now called "the Red Barn") containing the upper room (a multipurpose room) and a lower level with guest lodging formerly known as "girls grace." 

Our Purpose

We will promote faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ, as personal Savior through Christ-centered camps, retreats, meetings, Bible learning, prayer and any other functions related to religious activities, fellowship and educational purposes. 

Our Vision

To be a place for individuals, families and groups to come together and get away from the craziness of life and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and the solidarity of a place away from it all. To offer a great facility for people to come together for family reunions, birthday parties, retreats, meetings, group getaways and even personal solitude.